Our Services
1   Visa Services
Our services include exclusive visa services for those who wish to travel to Dubai. The applications for Dubai Visa are submitted electronically and we will assist you in filing the application for your Dubai Visa. All you need to do is submit the required information in a simple format. Our expert guidance will ensure an error free application that will avoid any chance of rejection at the processing stage and you get your visa in the shortest possible time. This facility is available for all nationals who require a visa for Dubai Intending to make a trip or transit through Dubai (for business or leisure).
Visa Change Services
Visa Change Package
Dubai Visa Package
2   Air Ticketing
We provide the services of major domestic and international airlines for business or leisure trips through our online air ticket booking site. You can compare and book air tickets and secure amazing deals with the help of our online booking site. Zulfair offers supreme services, special offers and best flight deals. Our transparent pricing, easy comparisons and real time info sharing make Zulfair your one stop solution for all your travel needs.
3   Tour Packages
If you are a visiting Dubai for leisure or business, we provide a range of services including visas, hotel bookings, sightseeing and excursions and other support services.
Business Packages
4   Hotel Reservation
All the major international hotel groups’ corporate & individual rates are available to our clients. Depending on the client’s specific needs and ‘bednight’ volume, more advantageous rates can be negotiated
Visa Change Services
Among all the tour companies only Zulfair can claim the reputation of providing a unique Visa changing service as per the needs and requirements of people in the UAE. Visa change by bus, visa change by flight, visa change by flight and bus, visa change through the airport to airport, visa change in hand are the most famous products in the UAE. It will be the name of Zulfair which come into mind for everyone who wants to change their visa.
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