In the service that you are not utilized other than visa, we will provide you refund after deducting our charges or lose. Obviously, this policy leaves us open to opportunists but we are happy to take this risk.
Applicable paid cost will be refunded under certain conditions, namely :
1. If clients didn’t utilize the booked services, expect visa and flight booking.
2. If any mistakes happen by Zulfair staff, which will be reviewed again before refund.

Refunds will NOT be given under the following circumstances :
1. If user asks for the utilized or partially utilized service.
2. For ticket booking and visa services.
3. Any major mistakes happen from the customer side.
4. We are not informed prior to cancellation of any services as per cancellation policy.
5. Any violation of terms and condition or any other policies by Zulfair travel LLC.
6. We are not informed of any refundable condition as soon as it occurs or before 30 days.

The Refund claims process is as follows:
1. The complaint must be officially registered in Zulfair travel LLC, so we can calculate the amount of refund due.
2. Refunds are processed within 45 days of our receiving complete information from the client.
3. Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment