We understand that life does not always work out as expected. There will be occasions when we all have to change our diaries or plans. We equally hope that you realize that when you apply for any product or services with us, we allocate a person or persons to provide the service you requested by uploading these service to government website or to another 3 rd party. In doing so that/those services we are literally blocking service facility in 3 rd party and allocating the payment to them. In an effort to be fair to everybody we ask for a minimum of 6 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or defer or postpone the service you have booked through our website In the event of you having to do so, we will charge expense or lose that we suffer for services you have booked from the charge that you have paid at the time of service booking. For visa booking, if the user happens to cancel services, this may consider as zero or non-refundable condition. If any user needs to cancel visa which is already approved by the government, they need to pay in addition of 300 AED to the government which is collecting through Zulfair travel LLC.